Booth's Bobcat and Backhoe Hire Toowoomba Services

We specialise in residential and commercial earthmoving services, ranging from removing a small concrete driveway to levelling, grading and preparing your yard for landscaping. Our service area covers Toowoomba, Gatton & the Lockyer Valley, Warwick, Highfields, Crows Nest and the Western Corridor.

With a long and reputable history of over 20 years servicing the Toowoomba region for earthmoving,we have high standards resulting in a better, cleaner and more efficient job for our clients.

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Bobcat Greg 1Booth's Bobcat Hire:

Our Skid Steer Bobcat has multiple earthmoving and demolition uses for residential and commercial uses. Bobcats are fantastic for residential purposes, being able to work in small spaces. Site Cleans ups, concrete slab and driveway/path preparation, land excavation, grading & levelling are all performed with a skid steer Bobcat. 

Other Jobs performed with Bobcat include:

  • Lot Clearing, Rubbish Removal
  • Landscaping, Backfills, Turf Removal
  • Levelling Residential Lots
  • Spreading Top Soil
  • Old Concrete Paths & Driveway Removal

Backhoe Hire:

Our backhoe enables us to safely dig large holes and trenches for plumbing and sewage pipes, house stumps, foundational footing, pools and a whole lot more. Our Backhoe services are for Hire throughout Toowoomba, Darling Downs Region and South East Queensland.

backhoe-pic-2Some of the services our Backhoe Hire operates in is:

  • Under House Dig Outs
  • Landscaping
  • Pool Dig Out
  • Foundation Footing Holes
  • Stump Digging
  • Tree Roots Removal
  • Tree Stump Removal
  • Septic Tank Preparation
  • Trench Digging & Backfill 
  • Earthmoving and Excavation

Excavator Hire:

excavationWe also have an excavator for extra landscaping and digging. This allows us to dig holes and move dirt in confined spaces, backyards and be able to move around a muddy worksite with ease. Our Excavation Services are for Hire throughout Toowoomba the Darling Downs and South East Queensland.

Some of the things that our excavator is commonly hired for:

  • Moving Dirt and Material
  • Landscaping
  • Trench Digging
  • Under House Dig Outs
  • House/Building Footing Holes
  • Stump Digging
  • Drainage Trenches
  • Plumbing  Trenching

Truck Hire:

Pool005-5Booth's Bobcat & Backhoe Hire Toowoomba have a truck on hand to cart away all removed material. This enables us to complete all of our earthmoving and excavation projects in a timely manner and leave all of the worksite we work on in tip top clean and tidy condition before completion of our work.

Our Truck is commonly hired for:

  • Removing earth for pools dig outs
  • Angled Site levelling  
  • Importing Topsoil 
  • Land filling
  • landscaping supply deliver
  • Driveway and concrete slab demolition

At Booth's Bobcat and Backhoe hire we have committed ourselves to quality, reliable and safe work standards and rely on these as a family owned business. For a quote or request in earthmoving, landscaping, excavation and site cleanups in Toowoomba and the Western Corridor...

Call lawrence Booth PH: 0408 700 533 

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